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Universal 3D face authentication for 10+ Billion Smart Devices & Webcams.

Ends Identity Theft.
UnSharable, UnPhishable & virtually Spoof-Proof.   

Patented ZoOm-in user experience, 2 Sec Auth, as simple as a selfie.

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While the Patented Process:

Security + Convenience

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If you can take a selfie, you can log in with ZoOm.

Universal Compatibility

ZoOm makes biometric authentication fast, easy and incredibly secure for everyone, regardless of their device. Simply center your face in the oval and move the camera a few inches closer to your face. As you ZoOm in, the front-facing camera captures high-resolution video frames of your 3D face and you instantly gain access.

Cross-Platform Portability

ZoOm makes true cross-platform biometric authentication possible with 3D FaceMaps that can be created on almost any device with a camera.  You can enroll using a laptop webcam and authenticate later from a smartphone or tablet.  The same ZoOm motion accesses any enabled App or webpage, so it’s now possible to use face authentication for everything from unlocking your car door to accessing your bank account.  ZoOm offers more security, flexibility and portability than any other biometric.

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For all modern
smart devices & webcams

instant authentication after a 10-second enrollment

Works in real-world lighting conditions

Great with Glasses, Makeup & Beards

Adaptive learning tracks
changes over time

Security + Convenience

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ZoOm’s 3D FaceMap is the best of biometric modalities, instantly accessible by the user from almost any device, but impossible for bad actors to record and replay reliably with today’s media technology.


ZoOm’s patented process scans a 3D face with a 2D camera to ensure the real user is present and that they match their previous enrollment.  unZoOmed, transitional, and fully-ZoOmed frames are captured as the camera is moved closer to the face.  If the face is 3D, measurable perspective distortion is observed.  If the face is flat like a photo or video, distortion is not present.  Therefore, much more 3D human signal is stored in a ZoOm FaceMap than is contained in a photo or video.  The ability to reliably determine 3D depth and human liveness makes ZoOm vastly superior to fingerprint, palm, iris, and 2D face.


ZoOm detects the difference between “likeness” and “liveness” using Artificial Intelligence, and requires dozens of real human characteristics be observed concurrently.  These characteristics cannot be captured and reproduced without measurable generation loss preventing biometric data from being phished or shared like passwords.

ZoOm’s Encrypted 3D FaceMaps:

  • Ensure User Liveness
  • Stop External Threats
  • Stop Botnet Attacks
  • Stop Credential Sharing
  • Can’t Be Phished From Users
  • Expose Generation Loss in Spoofs

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A Note About Biometric Privacy – When addressing biometric privacy concerns, it is critical to understand the significance of Liveness Detection.  When a biometric authenticator is truly spoof-proof against digital media, 2D representations of a user won’t fool the system, so bad actors can’t take readily-available photos from Facebook or videos from YouTube and use them to impersonate the user.  When a biometric system demands the real 3D user be present at the time of authentication, no photo or video will suffice.  2D spoof attempts are futile and stolen user media is useless.


ZoOm observes the user’s head, neck, ears, hair, facial features and their environment as the camera is moved closer to the face. During the motion, the camera’s view of the face changes and perspective distortion will be observed if the face is 3D. Conversely,  no distortion occurs with 2D objects like photos or videos. FaceTec’s proprietary algorithms capture ~30 video frames while tracking the motion of the device. The result is a dynamic perspective, 3D face authentication from a standard 2D camera.


Spoof Detection 101

To truly grasp why ZoOm is revolutionary, the threats that a biometric authenticator faces in the real world must first be fully comprehended.  So at FaceTec, we dove more deeply into anti-spoofing than anyone else – ever – by recreating millions of spoof attempts from every conceivable type of media, and finding ways to stop them with cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence.


  • 2D paper photos & digital images
  • High resolution videos
  • Image swap-in after liveness check
  • Paper masks with eye & mouth cutouts
  • Hollywood masks, wax figures & lifelike dolls
  • Photos or video frames animated into avatars
  • Video projections on 3D heads
  • Sleeping users with closed eyes
  • Impostors, lookalikes & identical twins

ZoOm detects generation loss and catches the copies.  A ZoOm session contains more 3D human signal than any other type of mobile face biometric, and about 100X more signal than a photo alone.  The result is an unsharable, unphishable biometric that is incredibly easy for users to access, yet impossible for criminals to recreate reliably with today’s media technology.

Why Legacy Biometrics Fail

3d face verification


  • Despite constant hype, legacy biometrics will never replace passwords because they don’t have robust liveness detection, aren’t portable across devices, and can’t stop phishing, credential sharing or complicit user fraud. With legacy biometrics, trusting an unsupervised authentication remains impossible.
  • Weak legacy “liveness” detection – like wink, blink or smile – is easily spoofed by photos and avatar videos. It doesn’t matter how many weak factors you string together for MFA. If a cooperative user can spoof the system with self-captured media, then it can’t be considered secure.
  • ZoOm’s robust liveness detection stops external threats like phishing, and internal threats like credential sharing and buddy punching.
  • ZoOm is so secure it’s the ONLY factor in many high-security scenarios, such as car-sharing, border security, mobile banking and mobile payments.
  • ZoOm is the new standard in biometrics because it’s universal, portable across-devices and across-platforms just like a password, but much more secure.

Biometric Best Practices






  • Choose strong 3D liveness & anti-spoofing technology. Without it, you can’t trust unsupervised authentications and you will be at risk for security & PR problems.
  • Don’t expect users to buy a specific device just for your biometric. It needs to work on what they already own.
  • Insist on a straightforward, intuitive interface. User’s must prefer the biometric or they won’t use it at all.
  • Server-side matching is the only biometric model that can truly replace passwords, enable cross-platform logins, simplify device upgrades and allow multiple devices/user. On-device matching isn’t future proof.
  • Choose a diverse algorithm. Don’t be accused of having a “racist” biometric just because the training sets used to create it were too homogeneous. ZoOm trained with users from over 158 countries.
  • Get the Forrester Report: The State Of Facial Recognition For Authentication And Verification

Security + Convenience.

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ZoOm vs.Face ID

Face ID is a specialized hardware sensor that unlocks one specific phone. Face ID, along with fingerprint readers are “Decentralized Biometrics” which can never replace passwords because the users’ data never leaves the device and no identity can be proven to a 3rd party.  ZoOm runs on over 10 billion supported devices because it is a 100% software solution that provides the flexibility of cross-device, cross-platform face authentication, and is the only biometric in the world to successfully pass the iBeta Level 1&2 PAD ISO 30107-3 tests.

FaceTec's ZoOm®

Apple's Face ID

Purpose Universal 3D Face Authentication Conveniently unlock an iPhone X or XS
Installed Base 10+ Billion Smart Devices [Android (85%) + iOS (14%) & Webcams Under 5% of in use iOS devices have Face ID
Portable Yes, Cross-Device & Cross-Platform No, one device only, biometric data can never leave that device
Technology Software: Real-time Computer Vision + 100% FaceTec built proprietary AI Hardware:Infrared Camera Array ($25) and Neural Network Chip ($26)
Interface Proprietary, Intuitive 3D Video Selfie: ~2 Seconds Glance at phone to unlock in few hundred milliseconds (claimed)
SDK Info Easy-to-integrate for Android/iOS, plugins for Xamarin, Cordova, Phonegap, Ionic and Appcelerator No stand-alone SDK possible, special hardware is required
Liveness & Depth Detection TrueLiveness® detection observes & measures  3D Depth, skin texture, eye reflections, eye focus, and many more human traits. TrueDepth uses projected infrared dots, and needs a special neural network chip to determine if the user is a match and is 3D
IP 2 US Patents on the 3D ZoOm process issued, +10 additional patents pending globally 20+ infrared related patents from the purchase of PrimeSense in 2013
FAR/FRR 1/100,000 - 1M depending on lighting and camera -  3-5% FRR in normal lighting 1/1M (Self Attested)  However, numerous False Accepts have been observed
Identical Twins 1/500+ Identical Twin FAR Apple says, “If you have a Twin, use a PIN.”
Children No observed issues authenticating children, but check local laws before using in your area. Apple says, "Children under 13 should not use Face ID"
3rd Party Testing/Certs iBeta – Certified Level 1&2 Spoof Detection iBeta – DEA EPCS Biometric Subsystem Certification UL – Presentation Attack Detection Testing Praetorian Security – Black-Box Penetration Testing None Publicly Stated
Additional Features Face Image Audit Trail, Multiple-Device, Cross-Platform , Liveness/Match Confidence Score, Store FaceMaps in a Blockchain Apple says the biometric data will never leave the device, but will store images on device for future upgrades to algorithms

Clients & Partners

FaceTec is proud to highlight just a few of the organizations providing ZoOm’s class-leading biometric security.

Security + Convenience

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  • Supports iOS 8.3+ & Android 4.3+ devices & webcams
  • Available in 30+ languages with easy customization
  • Portable, cross-device, cross-platform 3D face matching
  • Unrivaled liveness detection, Certified PAD Level: 1&2
  • False Acceptance Rate (FAR) of 1/100,000 – 1,000,000
  • Encrypted FaceMap storage on managed/private cloud
  • Lightweight & easy-to-integrate SDKs
  • Simple, straightforward and secure RESTful API
  • Codebase Tested by Praetorian Security
  • Plugins for Xamarin, Appcelerator/Titanium, Phonegap, Cordova, Ionic & React Native

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ZoOm Pricing

ZoOm via FaceTec Managed API is free to educational institutions, nonprofits and developers.  Enterprises, businesses and those who wish to host the FaceTec Server Library on their Cloud are billed monthly based on usage.



ZoOm via API is Free for:

  • Educational institutions
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Developers


ZoOm is Billed Per User or Per Session for:

  • Large & small businesses
  • Enterprise accounts
  • Government agencies


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Security + Convenience

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Case Studies & Resources

Learn more about ZoOm’s use cases, interface, security and 3rd party testing below.

Independent 3rd Party Testing & Certifications

OWASP: Black & White-Box Pen Testing
ZoOm SDK Penetration Testing

FIDO Member Since 2014
Simpler Stronger Authentication

Security + Convenience

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Security + Convenience

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About FaceTec

Founded in 2013, FaceTec is the world leader in 3D Face Authentication software with offices in San Diego, CA, Summerlin, NV, New York, NY & London, England.

management Team

Kevin Alan Tussy - CEO

Software systems architect; 4-time tech founder, the first in 1999 (exited) and 3 in Fintech since 2007 (all successfully operating)


Josh Rose - CTO

Top face authentication and artificial intelligence expert, formerly with Microsoft


Satya Yenigalla - COO

MS computer science, formerly with Samsung, Oracle, Cloudscape/IBM


Rich Lobovsky - Sr. VP Business Dev

Over 25 years experience in customer and channel partner development in key roles at Samsung SDSA, Verizon and Qualcomm.


Steve Cook - VP of New Business

Leading biometrics, GDPR and PSD2 expert with over six years creating digital identity strategies for banks and enterprises


advisory Board

Alfred Koh - CEO Microsoft Korea

Former CEO of Samsung SDS, Hewlett-Packard Malaysia and IBM


Patrick Flynn - Department Chair

Computer Science & Engineering at Notre Dame

Google Scholar

Kevin Bowyer - Schubmehl-Prein Professor

Computer Science & Engineering at Notre Dame

Google Scholar

Chad Miller - Partner at Weide & Miller, Ltd

Lewis & Clark Law School


Jay Meier - Founder & Managing Partner

Sage Capital Advisors, LLC


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